Fundamentals Of Creating An Electronic Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Linguistic Terms

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Shahobiddinova Shohida Hoshimovna , Rustamova Dilrabo Abdurakhimovna , Miralimova Shahzoda Khasanboevna


The article highlights the fundamentals of creating an electronic encyclopedic dictionary of linguistic terms. In world and Uzbek linguistics, research objects and interpretations of these objects are emerging that were unimaginable a few decades ago. In particular, areas such as neurolinguistics, artificial intelligence, linguistic expertise, extreme linguistics, speech influence, corpus linguistics, linguoculturalology, have not been sufficiently studied not only in Uzbek, but also in world linguistics. Although there is a lot of research done in some areas and it claims to be called academic research, the lack of a consistent system of terms shows that it is still too early to make such an assessment. Also, there is no modern, relatively complete explanatory dictionary of linguistic terms in Uzbek lexicology. Existing dictionaries are outdated and lack words. The vocabulary of the largest dictionaries of this type is less than 2000. Also, there is no electronic dictionary of linguistic terms at all. In this article we pointed our view to the need of creating an electronic encyclopedic dictionary of linguistic terms.

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