Development of Teaching and Learning Communicative Competencies

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Mr. Asadullah Mahar , Dr. Abdul Malik Abbasi , Dr. Sadaf Irtaza , Ms. Salma Niazi , Ms. Tania Mahar


English speaking skill is one of the important areas of learning English empowering students to effectively make their communicative competencies. Poor communication may make students less sociable and dull at their academic work. Therefore, this study attempts to investigate the issues related to teaching and learning English-speaking skills and recommends a variety of strategies to cope with them. The study is limited to XI and XII classes. The research participants were 20 teachers (only male), and 200 students with equal representation to both genders 100 boys and 100 girls.  Three-point Likert scale questionnaires (one for teachers and one for students) were used for data collection. The questionnaires were distributed among both teacher and student participants to know the teaching methods used by teachers in teaching English speaking skills and the problems faced by both teachers and students. This study uses the quantitative descriptive approach and box plots were used to analyze the data to get a better understanding of the phenomenon. The findings of both the teacher and the student participants surprisingly differ to a great extent. The issues which were highlighted by the teachers that the students are victims of the fear of being mocked, shy, and having difficulty in English pronunciation, were not confirmed by the students. Whereas the teachers stressed that teacher training programs are not arranged by the management to teach English speaking skills.

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