Technology Adoption In Higher Education: Perceptions And Expectations At Citra Bangsa University (Ucb) In The Digital Era

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Gerlan Apriandy Manu , ST.,M.Kom


Higher education in the digital era requires effective use of technology. This study aims to formulate a learning technology development strategy at Citra Bangsa University (UCB) based on an analysis of needs and challenges. The research method involves surveys and interviews with lecturers and students to understand their perceptions, experiences, and expectations of learning technology. The results show that lecturers and students see the importance of technology in learning and want improvements in its use. Based on these results, this study recommends enhancing technology infrastructure, developing lecturers' capacity to use technology, expanding digital content, and evaluating and monitoring the use of technology. The conclusions from this study can be used by UCB to formulate a more effective learning technology development strategy in the future.

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