Waqia Ifak In Light Of “Ghunyat Al Qari Sharha Sahih Al Bukhari”

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Muhammad Anwar , Dr. Niaz Muhammad , Dr. Kausar


The event mentioned in verse of Surah Al-Nur is known as "Afak. This incident has been narrated by all commentators. Commentators as well as Muhadditheen and Hadith books have also narrated this incident. Imam Bukhari is one of these muhaddith who has narrated this event in his book Sahih al-Bukhari. Just as the different interpretations of Sahih Bukhari have been written, one of these interpretations is "Ghunyat ul-Qari". Which is written by Maulana Abdul Khaliq Al-BajuriMaulana Abdul Khaliq has explained and detailed this incident in his Sharh " Ghunyat ul-Qari".

And it has also pointed out the prevailing traditions about it

Interpretation of difficult words, explanation of Arba'ah religions in sub-problems and among them, Rajeh and Marjuh are also mentioned among them

In this short article, an analytical study of Afak incident has been done in the light of "Ghanit al-Qari Sharh Sahih al-Bukhari".

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