Role feminism And The Sudanese Women's Union In Political Situations (1964-1969M)

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Nawras Abdel Hussein Ali Armesh , Asst. Prof. Dr. Jumana Mohammed Rashid


First: The position of the Sudanese women's movement in the political situation

He was Sudan suffers from crises The interior is due to the government's inability and failure to improve statuses economics, in 1964aIt became a deficit in the balance of payments Toward(214) million dollars([1])Then the discussions of Sudanese students and intellectuals beganaboutThe problem of the south at the headquarters of the University of Khartoum Students Union.ay had a clear role in the discussionDimensionsproblem by holding seminarsand dumpingLectures and seeking to present the necessary solutions to the problem, as the students linked in those seminars betweenstatusesin northern and southern Sudan andThey demanded BNeed to strive to open the doordialogue(2),The Student Union at the University of Khartoum organized a public meeting for students and the public, in which they criticized the policy of the military governmentthe first, particularly with regard to the problem of South Sudan, andwhileDuring the meeting, clashes took place between the students and the police forces, which resulted in clashestoStudent killedAhmedAl-Qurashi Taha, and the arrest of a number of studentsand professors(3),So he appliedaits impactMastersThe university issued a statement condemning this behavior as well as submitting their resignations, andaAfter that, the judiciary and the lawyerjn upload a notetoPresident of the Judicial Councilthe aboveprime minister,They condemnedwhere is thiseventsThey demanded the submission of officialstojudiciary ([2])And it took place on the

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