Tablighi Jama’at: History, Objectives And Misconceptions

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Adnan Ullah Khattak , Dr. Sarfaraz Khan , Muhammad Tariq Khan , Dr. Nousheen Jamshid , Basharat Ullah, Phd


This study focuses on general description of Tablighi Jama’at. The study is significant as it investigates the meaning, purpose and function of Tablighi Jama’at in the light of the Quran and Hadith. Moreover, it is significant as it is an attempt to highlight the need and justification of Dawat-o-Tablighin in the present scenario and to remove the misunderstanding regarding the nature of Tablighi jama’at.  This study comprises two parts. The focus of the first part remains on highlighting the major services and contributions by the people which led to the establishment and development of the movement.  The second part investigates the objectives and methodology of Tablighi Jama’at. The objectives of this research paper are: to highlight the importance of Tabligh in Islam. To explore the knowledge about Tablighi Jama’at; To remove misconceptions of the people regarding Tablighi Jama’at. The study concludes with the understanding that Tablighi Jama’at, which is the fountain of Hidayah, has its roots in the Holy Quran and Ahadith and it is the continuation of the same mission which was adopted by Prophets (S.A.W) before.  Moreover, the vast spreading of the moment leaves no place for any misunderstanding regarding its meaning, purpose and function.             

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