Physical And Mental Health Adaptability Of Lung Cancer Patients: A Qualitative Study In Lahore Pakistan

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Ameen Asif , Samina Kausar , Samina Farooqi


Background: Lung Cancer is a deadly disease which has negative outcomes affecting physical and mental health of the patient in different perspectives. It is the leading cause of death among males. Lung Cancer is commonly associated with smoking. Patient experience different events during the disease and treatment phase which not only disturb the patient but also affect the family members in the same way.

Objective: This study aims to explore the challenges of Lung Cancer patients and strategies to cope up with the disease process.

Design: Exploratory phenomenological descriptive study design

Setting: Two major Public Sector Hospitals of Lahore; 1) Mayo Hospital 2) Jinnah Hospital

Participants: Total 12 participants of Lung Cancer Diseases getting treatment since last 6 months were included in the study.

Method: One to one in depth interviews were conducted with 12 participants, including males and females both, using purposive sampling technique. Self-structured Interview guide was used for the interviews leading with probing questions from the responses. Interviews were recorded and field notes were maintained to keep a record of the data for thematic analysis.

Results: Stressors and Coping Strategies were the major themes emerged from the thematic analysis. To overcome the stressors, patients reported, they use belief system to cope up.

Conclusion:  Adaptability with the situation is a difficult task. Lung Cancer patients have many stressors which can only be overcome using confidence in inner self and having belief in Allah. Family members do play an important part to overcome the situation.

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