Impact Of Motivation And Perception On Consumer Buying Behaviour Of Beauty Soaps: Analysis Of Karachi Market As An Industrial Representative Of Pakistan

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Syeda Farwa Batool Rizvi , Syed Shahid Zaheer Zaidi , Ahsan Imam


The study of consumer behaviour is a very vast field in psychology that has its deep implications for marketing as well. This research aims to examine the impact of motivation and perception on the consumer buying behaviour for selected beauty soap brands in Karachi as an industrial representative of Pakistan. Three leading soap brands of Pakistan, Lux, Capri, and Dove have been chosen and loyal consumers from each brand have been selected as the research sample. Laddering technique of interviews was used to uncover the end values of using these brands of soap. Motivation and consumer perception came of as dominant factors affecting consumer buying behaviour. A constant probing question of “why” helped reach the end values the study revealed that consumers’ latent end value that impacted their decision the most was self-esteem while sense of belongingness and warm relations with others was also why women bought the soap. Consumers have a positive attitude towards the brand of soap they use because of the effective communication by the brand using contemporary image help shape their buying behaviour as well. This research will help the companies making the beauty soaps in Pakistan design their marketing strategies accordingly and they will be able to identify the gap in their strategy that exist currently that is hindering their sales.

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