A Comparative Analysis Of The Opinion Of Ibn Taymiyyah And Fuqaha Regarding The Family Issues (Seeing The Fiancé)

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Mamoona Islam , Dr. Hafiz Hussain Azhar , Dilawaiz , Hafiz Muhammad Usman , Dr.hafiz fida hussain , Dr.Sayed Alam Jamal Abdusslam Hasham , Dr.Malik Kamran (Corresponding author)


Marriage is the only means of legal union between a man and a woman for the purpose of human reproduction, and it is a matter established by every religion and nation of the world. There is guidance in Islam about looking at a woman before marriage. According to Imam Ibn Taymiyyah, the fiancee cannot be seen in any case before marriage. While the Islamic scholars have denied it and  have gone towards its justification. There are many arguments in the sources and basic books of Islamic teachings which have clearly supported the justification of this practice. And it seems logically correct that until the woman and the man at least look at each other and are satisfied, this process remains unfinished. A comparison has been made and the opinions of both of them have been resolved in the light of Shariah statements. Nowadays, it is very important to talk about this issue so that practice of   uncivilized ways while arranging marriages in families and lawlessness ends and hence the series of legal marriages can start in the society within nations.

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