A Study On Perception Towards Teaching Practice Among B.Ed. Student-Teachers

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Dr. S.K.Panneer Selvam


The present chapter deals with the conceptual frame work of the study so as to provide the introductory phase of the report. It starts with the various meanings, definitions of education and includes meaning, scope, current trends, the concept of teacher education and teaching practice. This chapter ends with the need, scope, significance, statement of the problem, important terms and definitions, objectives, hypothesis, limitations for the present study and the organization of the thesis. Qualitative improvement in education depends on quality of teacher education because teacher has a crucial role in the development of the country and it is rightly said that the destiny of the country is formulated in its classrooms. In teacher education, teaching practice is an important component through which the future teacher is prepared in real situations. Practice teaching is one of a variety of terms applied to that part of student-teachers. Professional training that involves the student in trying to teach pupils. In training institutions where systems of teacher training exist, practice teaching forms a major compound in the course of training. Then other main compound comprises taught courses in a variety of theoretical studies.

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