A Sociological Impact Of Covid-19 And FATA Merger On Health And Education Services Of Erstwhile FATA Region

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Dr. Adeel Rahim , Dr. Sharif Ullah , Mr. Jehan Zeb , Mr. Zahid Umar , Mr. Shah Zeb Ullah , Mr. Momin Khan


The study “A sociological impacts of Covid-19 and FATA merger on Health and Education Services of
FATA” was carried out in six FRs of ex-FATA with objectives to ascertain the impacts of Covid-19 on
services regarding, education and health and its association with merger of FATA. A conceptual framework
comprises of education and health were independent variables while FATA merger was taken as dependent
variable. Data was collected from a sample size 384 respondents from a population of 7, 13241 through
Uma Sekaran formula. Data were collected through a well thought-out questionnaire was used for data
collection. The collected data were entered to SPSS, and Uni-variate test was carried out for prevalence of
the causes and chi-square was carried out for association between dependent and independent variables. At
Uni-variate level majority of the respondent strongly agree that ex-FATA was lacking health and education,
although reforms in health and education, improved the lives of the local people. At bi-variate level all the
variables’ statements were found significant (P=000) with dependent variable FATA merger. The study
concluded that the ex-FATA people are not happy with merger due to exit from one system but not fully
entered and award from the applied system. This marginalization confused the residence of the area in
structure and function of the life. Involvement of local people in the implementation of law, gradual
internalization of new system, awareness and training sessions for adaptation with new system, special
concession with women folk and old people in any sphere of life are policy recommendations.

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