Civil Military Relations: History Of Mistrust In Pakistan

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Arz Muhammad Umrani , Muhammad Asalam Ghani, Syed Ali Raza Shah , Syeda Mumbeen Fatima , Eng: Syed Usman , Khalid Mehmood Lashari , Khalid Wazir , Muhammad Sajawal , Umair Safdar


Civil-military relations are complex and vary over time. Pakistan's history has been marked by periods of military rule and interference in civilian affairs. This paper will analyze either this fact is a cause of mistrust in this relation or not and it aims to provide insights and recommendations that can contribute to more harmonious and stable civil military relationships in pakistan.  The objectives of the study were to To find out factors towards mistrust between Civil Military relationship.To know the reasons of Military interventions in politics. To identify perceptions of different level regarding Civil Military relationship in  Pakistan. To put forward recommendation for the consideration of policy makers.

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