A Critical Appreciaton Of Hudood Ordinances In Pakistan

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Basharat Ullah , Iltaf Khan , Ibrar Hussain , Soubia , Muhammad Salis


In this research article, some shortcomings in the original text of Hudood Ordinances in Pakistan have been pointed out. Moreover, the researchers have also made suggestions for the improvement of Hudood Ordinances in Pakistan. The study investigated that the real flaw of the Hudood Ordinances in Pakistan is that these laws have been enacted strictly according to the view of Hanafi jurisprudence and neglected the views and opinions of non-Hanafi jurists. It sometimes, results in the removal of the Hadd punishment. Hudood laws can be brought closer to the current situation by the views of non-Hanafi jurists and ijtihad as well. Therefore, the opinions of other jurists should also be taken into consideration while formulating Hudood laws.

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