Socioeconomic, Environmental And Biological Factors Of Child Mortality In Pakistan

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Muzammil Hussain , Fahad Malik , Zaheer Ahmed Babar and Ali Abbas


Child mortality represents health care facilities, environmental, social and living status of any society. Prime objective in present study is to examine socioeconomic, environmental and biological factors of childhood mortality. Researcher used multiple indicator cluster survey (MICS) 2017-18 data set and model comprises children having ages below five years and married females of ages between 15 to 49 years. Using binary logistic regression technique outcomes showed that biological, environmental and socioeconomic aspects have significantly different influences on child mortality. Findings also show that education and well financial position of families lead to lessen mortality rate. Birth place, breast feeding and mother age are major biological issues affecting childhood mortality rate. Accessibility of gas, hygienic latrine and electricity characterizes better environmental situation of any family and ultimately lead to reducing child mortality. Study suggests mother’s education, economic condition and breast feeding also helps to reduce mortality rate in Pakistan.

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