Measuring The Impact Of The Corona Pandemic On The Efficiency Of Insurance Activity In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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Ahmed Mohamed Farhan , Raed Alkhasawneh , Firas S. Haddad , Mona Hatem Saleh , Almothana Azaizeh , Fatma Yousef Elshinawy , Mostafa A. Radwan , Khaled Alsaeed Ahmed Qamar , Hasnaa Attia Hamed Mohamed , Abdalla Zahri Amin


The research aimed to analyze the impact of the Corona pandemic on the efficiency of insurance activity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The method of analyzing cross sectional aggregate data for the time series of insurance branches was relied upon to examine the impact of the proposed explanatory variables (expense rate - retention rate - growth rate in premiums - loss rate - corona pandemic). The sectoral underwriting profit variable was relied upon to express the dependent variable. The results of the research concluded that there is a varying effect of the Corona pandemic on the efficiency of the activity of the insurance branches, depending on the different nature of each branch. The combined sectional regression model succeeded in explaining the change in activity efficiency rates for the insurance branches. There is a direct relationship between the activity efficiency of the insurance branches and each of the variables (retention rate - Corona pandemic), and an inverse relationship with each of (expenses rate - growth rate - loss rate). In general, there is a positive trend of the pandemic and the efficiency of activity for each of the insurance branches (health - engineering - property and accidents - protection and savings). While we find that the negative impact of the pandemic on the efficiency of the activity is reflected in the motor insurance branch.

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