Contemporary Child-Nurturing Issues: Solutions From The Perspectives Of Shariah Teachings

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Dr. Maryam Noreen , Dr. Samina Begum , Afifa Rashid , Dr. Nazia bibi , Fawad khan , Dr. Arsala Khan


One of the prevailing issues affecting youngsters globally in contemporary times pertains to their deficient moral education. This predicament is widely recognized as being of utmost significance and is hence accorded significant attention. The inevitable consequence is that as these youngsters enter adolescence, they become trapped by adverse social influences, leading them to succumb to various forms of wrongdoing and immorality. Prominent among the moral evils discussed are obscene language, engagement in immoral behavior, the propagation of an antagonistic society, and obscenity. These factors have a significant impact on the psychological and physical well-being of children, as well as their cognitive capacities.

The primary aim of Islamic Sharia is to establish a virtuous, untainted, and harmonious society. To do this, each person in society needs to know what their rights and responsibilities are. Every person must be held responsible and expected to protect their rights and do what they are supposed to do. The religion of Islam has established a complete framework that delineates the rights and responsibilities of each societal unit. Hence, Shariah mandates that children should exhibit kindness towards their parents, remain vigilant in their service and obedience, and strive to ensure their parents' happiness and peace of mind.

Additionally, it emphasizes the importance for parents to actively oversee their children's physical and mental development, including education and training, without becoming complacent. This approach aims to prepare the children to become productive members of society as they mature. The individuals in question are anticipated to demonstrate their value and serve as a valuable resource. Additionally, they are expected to bring joy and solace to the parents.

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