The Proletariat Pashto Poetry: An Analysis of Socialist Themes in the Poetry of Master Sultan Mohammad Khalakyar

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Dr. Mohammad Ayaz1, Mrs. Shakila Naz2, Sikandar Hayat Afridi3, Fayyaz Ali4, Muhammad Taimur Khan5


This paper engages in its discourse selected proletariat poetry of Master Sultan Mohammad Khalakyar (1942-2007), with special reference to its symbolism with poetry developed in post-October Bolshevik revolution in Russia, which brought about radical changes in the literary world. Vladmir Lenin promoted the development of working-class literature, by initiating in May 1917, the establishment of a Society of the Proletarian Arts, according to which art and literature should be imbued with the real spirit of class struggle waged by proletariat. The selected poems of Khalakyar, reproduced in this paper with English translation, clearly depict class struggle, and Marxist approach in its form and content. The themes and purposes of these selected poem offer a symbolism with the earlier works of Soviet proletariat poet Vladimir Mayakovski. It is therefore interesting to explore the socialist themes in the poetry of Khalakyar.

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