Relationship Between School Bullying And Student Academic Achievement In Government Elementary Schools Of Lahore

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Dr. Zarmina Usman , Shaharyar Shoukat , Muzdalfa Fatima


The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between school bullying (peer and teacher bullying) and academic achievement of students in government elementary schools of Lahore. The objectives were to determine the existing level of school bullying and academic achievement in schools and to find out effect of school bullying on academic achievement.  Positivism was the paradigm of the study. In this study quantitative research methodology was employed and a sample of 400 elementary school students were selected through random sample technique. Self- developed questionnaire was administered by using cross sectional survey in order to collect the data from participants based on the research objectives. Data were analyzed through the use of SPSS and the process of data analysis included both Inferential and descriptive statistics.

The study finding showed that in school setting bullying existed. There is low negative relationship between school bullying (peer and teacher) and academic achievement. By regression analysis finding showed that school bullying had effect on students’ academic achievement on both whether victim or the one who bully others.

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