Impacts Of Cloud-Based Educational Platforms On Learning Outcomes: A Study In Islamabad's Public Elementary Schools

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Tanzeela Akbar , Dr. Sohaib Sultan , Dr. Sadaf Zamir Ahmed


This study explores the impact of Cloud-Based Educational Platforms (CBEP) on students' science performance at the elementary level, utilizing a quasi-experimental, post-test only design. The research was conducted among eighth-grade students from the IMCG Bhadana Kalan Ternoul Islamabad with a sample of 40 students selected via simple random sampling. Four tests (T1, T2, T3, & T4), devised based on revised Bloom's taxonomy, were used to assess student achievement post-teaching in both a traditional and a cloud-based classroom environment. The experimental group was taught using Cloud based incorporating visuals and activity corners, while the control group relied on conventional lecture methods. Mean values for knowledge and application levels were the same for both groups, but the control group demonstrated a decrease in comprehension, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Conversely, the experimental group showed an increase in all cognitive domains. The study found a significant difference in knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation levels between students taught via lecture methods and those utilizing a cloud-based platform, underlining the potential effectiveness of Cloud based teaching in improving learning outcomes at the elementary level.

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