Relationship Between Vocational Education And Leadership Styles Of Vocational Instructors At Higher Secondary Level: An Exploratory Study

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Asma Bibi , Dr. Sidra Kiran , Wajid Mahnaz , Sehrish Sarfaraz , Munazza Habib


Vocational education is training that plans to work in an exchange, in an art, as a technician or in support in professions such as engineering, accountancy, nursing, medicine, architecture, or law. Vocational training is sometimes referred to as career education or technical education. Vocational training can take place at the secondary, post-secondary, promote instruction, and advanced education level; and can collaborate with the apprenticeship framework. At the post-secondary level, professional training is frequently given by an exceedingly concentrated organization of innovation or polytechnic, or by a college, or by a nearby junior college. Vocational center is a social institute. The purpose of this institute is to develop the skill and abilities of people. Vocational centers are work under the supervision of Pakistan government and offered valid degrees and courses for students. These vocational centers deliver skills for youth to get a job to support their family and fulfil their needs. Young people can fulfill their learning needs and career goals at local training educational institutions. Government vocational centres give education and skills, technical education, computer education, beautician, stitching, dress designing, professional cooking, handicraft, fashion designing and domestic tailoring, knitting and embroidery works. Most of the countries in the world gave importance to the vocational skills of poor girls. Course and degree is a source of earning money. The main focus of this research is beautician work, tailoring and computer courses. Multistage sampling technique will be applied for the selection of total 900 study participants from district Rawalpindi. The data will be collected by using an interview schedule and will be analyzed by SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science). Obtained results will be utilized for a recommendation that will contribute to improve the role of vocation centre regarding beautician work and training courses in district Rawalpindi.      

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