Illuminating The Path: Unleashing The Power Of Education For Women's Empowerment In Health

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Umar Daraz, Habib Ullah Nawab, & Jahan Ul Mulk


Education serves as the key that unlocks women's empowerment in health, enabling them to make informed decisions and assume control over their well-being. By equipping women with knowledge and skills, education emerges as a potent tool for enhancing their health outcomes and catalyzing positive transformations within their communities. Consequently, this study investigates the profound influence of education on women's empowerment in health. The study was conducted in Malakand Division, with a specific focus on District Dir Lower (Ramora) Union Council, this study adopts qualitative methodology and techniques. Employing purposive sampling techniques, a total of 25 educated women were selected as participants, and their insights were collected through structured interviews guided by an interview guide. The gathered data underwent a meticulous thematic analysis. It was concluded that women benefit from education, which equips them with knowledge, skills, and critical thinking to improve their health and welfare. This education covers reproductive health, disease prevention, nutrition, mental well-being, and healthcare systems, promoting employment, economic stability, and improved accessibility to healthcare services. It is recommended that women's health education and sustainable healthcare accessibility are crucial for equal opportunities and reproductive health choices. Integrating reproductive health education, raising public awareness, and considering socio-economic determinants contribute to better outcomes.

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