Six Plus Sigma Quality Excellence Holistic Focused Model Based On Absolute Zero Defect

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Prof Dr. Nawar Khan


Background: The conventional acceptable low-quality level of ± 3s (metric) threshold containing 99.73 % pass population has been maintained by the industrialized countries in the past and now it is being maintained by the underdeveloped and developing countries for a long time.

Purpose / Need for Research: This research focuses to develop a futuristic solution for the Integrated / holistic scenario than the isolated/solo solution.

Research Methodology: This research study focused first on the ‘Evolution Processes’ and then on the ‘Paradigm Shifts Series Approaches. When one approach reaches its optimum, the next approach may be adopted. The series went from ‘Product Focused’ to ‘Process Focused’ to System-Focused to Enterprise-Focused to ‘Society Focused’ The bigger chain to get the synergetic quality effects has been resolved through a Holistic Focused Model (HM).

Findings: This HM model is based on the reduction of functional variances from the past quality Threshold of ±3σ (on a 100 Scale) to the current quality threshold of ±6σ (on a Million Scale). The futuristic quality threshold can be as high as ±10σ plus scale (on billion, trillion scale).

Conclusion: HM integrate several progressive quality improvement paradigm shift series which culminate on six plus ‘6P sigma’.

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