An Analytical Study Of Political Status Of Women In Islam

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Dr.Hafiz.M.Mudassar Shafique , Muhammad Tahir , Hafiz Muhammad Faizan Ul Hassan , Malik Saeed Iqbal , Dr. Anwarullah


Quran is the main source of human guidance. It gives clear instructions in building and shaping not only individual but also collective life. The teachings and commands for man that have been revealed in the Qur'an are for both men and women. All aspects of the partnership between man and woman show that woman is a complete person and has all the rights as men. Islam is the religion that gave woman her identity and introduced a different personality in the society. History is a witness that women were not seen with respect and dignity in any society. Even in Arab society people were buried alive at birth. She had no right to live but Islam gave women the right to live. The first favor of Islam towards women is that Islam not only changed the wrong impression that was found about women but also defined the position and rank of women in the human heart and mind and their high quality. For its political, social, economic, educational, hereditary purposes, rights have been defined in every sphere of life and it has been kept equal to men in all levels. Islam has given wide cultural, economic, social and political rights to women. To protect these rights, Islam has provided lasting guarantees such as legal instructions in the divine scriptures which is discussed in detail in this article. Their example is not found in any ancient and modern social system of the world.

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