Diachronic Variation In Pakistani English Newspaper Editorials: A Corpus-Based Multi-Dimensional Analysis

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Ali Raza Siddique , Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asim Mahmood , Muhammad Ahmad


This study delves into the diachronic linguistic variation of co-occurring linguistic features in Pakistani English newspaper editorials (PENE) through a comprehensive corpus-based multidimensional analysis (MDA). The primary aim is to examine language changes observed in newspaper editorials from 1995 to 2021. To ensure the representativeness of the diachronic PENE corpus, a meticulous selection process drew upon prominent online data sources. The multidimensional analysis framework proposed by Biber (1988) was utilized, allowing for a nuanced exploration of various linguistic dimensions within the newspaper editorials. To ensure accuracy and reliability in the linguistic annotation process, the data was systematically tagged using the MAT tagger, developed by Nini (2014). The research findings shed light on the evolving nature of language usage in Pakistani English newspaper editorials. Dimension 1 reveals a shift towards a more informational style, emphasizing conveying factual information and providing objective analysis. In contrast, Dimension 2 demonstrates a prominent narrative quality, suggesting an increasing focus on storytelling and engaging readers through compelling narratives. Dimension 3 highlights the explicitness of discourse, while Dimension 4 demonstrates an overtly argumentative and persistent characteristic across the decades. Lastly, Dimension 5 indicates a trend towards an abstract style of discourse over time. These findings offer valuable insights into the changing linguistic landscape of Pakistani English newspaper editorials.

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