An Analytical Study Of The Role Of Significant Muslim Women In Socio-Religious Reforms With Special Reference To The Related Issues Of Pakistani Society

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Abdul Muhaimin , Anila Mustafa , Muhammad Hayat Khan


This study elaborates the role of a few prominent Muslim women in socio-religious reforms in Muslims history and the means and measures they adopted to comprehend various social issues related to religion and the way they addressed them. The current paper brings into surface the contemporary social issues which women have to face and the challenges to deal with them. What role can women play in addressing these issues in Pakistani society? Undoubtedly, things have improved for women in the recent past regarding education and employment. On the one hand, women have reached higher posts, but on the other hand, women have to face even more complex socio-religious issues. The study primarily focuses on Pakistani society, where social issues are mostly tinted in religious expressions, and the women in our society have to face most of the consequences. The study highlights women’s role in socio-religious reforms in the past and how a modern-day woman can benefit from their model.

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