The Prevalence Of Anxiety And Its Effect On Student Academic Achievements At University Level

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Hafeezullah, Faiz Ul Hassan Shah, Darakhshan Siraj, Dr Ijaz Hussain, Muzammila Akram, Sohail Meher Ud Din, Gul Muhammad


A person's emotional wellness is viewed as a significant segment. Nervousness and gloom reduce emotional well-being and cause genuine pain in student life. Tension and stress are the reasons that impede intellectual issues in the training cycle and lead to perceptual lopsided characteristics. Therefore, students face numerous inconveniences, for example, training, social and time the board issues. The present study was performed to evaluate the prevalence of anxiety and its effect on student academic achievements at university level. This study was conducted in University of Education, Dera Ghazi Khan Campus. All undergraduate students (BS level) were the population of this current research. The main objectives of the study were to; know the anxiety stages; know the impact on educational performance, grades, and academic achievements of male and female students. Research questions and hypotheses were made according to the research objectives. The research population was consisted on all the Departments of University of Education, DG Khan Campus. The sample form the population was selected by utilizing convenience sampling technique. The research study was limited to only six departments i.e. Education, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, of University of Education, DG Khan Campus. Research questionnaires (five point likert scale) were used for data collection. Social Science Education Package (SPSS) 22.0 was used for data analysis and Pearson relationship coefficient was applied for data analysis. Research findings showed that male learners were found an inverse relation amongst anxiety and educational grades compared to female learners.  Moreover, if the researcher compares the female and male learners’ educational performance, female learners achieved high grades compared to the male learners. It is recommended to made compulsory programs of orientation and social conduct. The study also assists center with tutoring teachers receive explicit showing strategies dependent on students' anxiety.

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