School Refusal : Determinants And Therapeutic Intervention

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Dr. Malika ELAFRI


School refusal is a school attendance problem generally driven by emotional distress, it's an intense irrational fear of school. It is associated with the idea of the child going to school or being there, which often results in long periods of interruption from school. This fear is associated with severe emotional symptoms that appear when the child goes to school in the form of pathological symptoms: such as acute fear, social anxiety, panic attacks, fluctuating moods, as well as physical complaints without an organic basis such as headache and abdomen pain. The child finds it as a resort to stay at home. This is why school refusal is a challenge for children/teenagers, families, and the school. In this paper, we will attempt to define 'School refusal' and discussed the other related aspects such as its history, prevalence, risk factors, assessment, and methods of therapeutic intervention.

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