Effects Of Cyberbullying On The Mental Health Of Students With Disabilities In Punjab

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Dr. Toheed Qamar , Dr. Hina Hadayat Ali , Dr. Muhammad Javed Aftab , Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Iqbal , Muhammad Shokat Zaman , Sidra Anser


The study's objectives were to explore cyberbullying’s psychological impacts on Special adolescents. The population of the study was all special adolescents of Punjab but due to the shortage of time and resources, the study was delimited to the six divisions of the Punjab province. A self-constructed questionnaire was administered. The sample size of the current research work was comprised of 300 students. The sampling technique used was stratified random sampling for approaching the population. Statistical formulae for calculating percentages, sample means, and standard deviations were applied in SPSS to examine the acquired data. Overall results of the study identified that the psychological effect of cyberbullying on hearing-impaired, physically handicapped, and Visually Impaired adolescents was significant. Gender-wise comparisons of students about cyberbullying indicated that there was an insignificant difference betwemalesaand females. The most popular media was face book for cyberbullying. Policymakers should support educational institutes by providing the system and funds to fight against cyberbullying and create an environment in colleges that protect special adolescents from cyberbullying.

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