Promoting Employee Voice Behavior: Role Of Ethical Leadership And Mediation Of Felt Obligation

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Syed Shoeb Ahmed , Sumair Farooq , Asif Uddin , Ashley Adrian


Theorizing on the social learning theory, present study established the relationship of ethical leadership and employee voice behaiour. Present study examined a mediation model which include ethical leadership as independent variable, employee voice as a dependent variable and felt obligation as a mediator. The study mentioned that how employee manage to speak up if leader exhibits ethical role both as a person and as a manager. Further, social exchange theory confirmed that employee demonstrate a positive behaviour in return if they are treated good by the organization and employers. Mediation of felt obligation proved that if employees receives ethical treatment, they reciprocate and raise a constructive voice in favour of organization. Data of 304 employees from the educational sector was collected to conduct the present study. Implication of the study was also discussed

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