A Comparative Approach: The Metaphysical Ideas Of Allama Iqbal And The John Donne

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Dr. Nazia Perveen , Dr.Nusrat Jabeen , Dr.Asima , Dr.Mutahir Shah , Dr.Sadaf Fatima , Dr.Toshiba Saeed , Dr.Muhammad Sohail , Dr.Hasnain Khan Swati , Dr.Muhammad Rahman , Muhammad Umar


The term Metaphysics has a historical background and extended from the Aristotle. The figurative language which is used to portray the ideas is consist of metaphors, hyperboles etc. The research is followed by the comparison of the poet of the East Allama Iqbal and the greatest English poet John Donne on the basis of their metaphysical ideas. The classic illustrations by John Donne depict the flowering of the unique concepts of intellectual and fulfillment of the physical love and thought of death.  On the other side, Allama Iqbal manifested the method of induction which gave birth to spirit of concrete with respect to religious connectivity, which is to be recognized to unify and strengthens the mutual bonding of people. The concept of nationalism by Allama Iqbal is self enhancement and self-responsibility which revolves around the philosophical spirituality and its mystic approach. The significance of the study is to highlight the vast magnitude of the ideas which transverse through diverse historical eras to flabbergast the audience with the multitude of teleology.   

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