Analytical Study: Women, Gender Equality And Climate Change

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Dr. Seema Manzoor , Dr. Asma Manzoor


Climate change issue has become a global concern and several local and global forums are raising awareness regarding the severity of the issue. Climate change impacts both genders negatively socially, financially, health and behaviours as well. The researchers have pointed out that in comparison to men, women are more affected by the climatic changes and as a result gender inequality is increasing and transforming our social behaviours, thus we can say that there is a correlation between climate change and gender equality. Women in Pakistan and in many countries are not empowered due to socio-cultural practices and religious limitations. Since women are environment friendly in nature, therefore they are more exposed to nature and negative effects of climate change. It is highly needed ti raise awareness about the consequences of climate change among common people, especially women. We should adopt smart ways of utilizing natural resources to control and understand the issues caused as a result of drastic climatic changes. The main threats due to climate changes include: food security, water scarcity, food availability and food system stability.  

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