Transgression Of Discretion; A Critical Study Of Veronika Decides To Die (1999) By Paulo Coelho

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Shabeer Iqbal , Fawad Ullah , Mohsin Iqbal


Human beings are born free. They feel more relax and can perform efficiently if they live upto their choice. Every kind of transgression consequences in unwanted ending results. Depriving an individual of free will and choice is like robbing a person of his status of humanity. This research paper is going to examine the impacts of transgression of discretion on individuals when they are imposed. The paper also demonstrates the impacts of transgressing an individual’s life and career. This transgressing refers to the rejection of someone’s own decisions or their ability of decision-making and free choice. Liberal humanism, Free Choice Theory is taken as the conceptual framework of the paper. The first hand data is obtained from Paulo Coelho’s (1999) novel, Veronika Decides to Die, while secondary data is collected from books, library, journals and other internet sources. The study uses the approach of qualitative research. Selected data from the novel by Paulo Coelho is examined through the lens of close reading. This research paper also illustrates how different characters of the novel recognize the meaning of their present life/status after having got the freedom of choice and the right of making their own decisions. 

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