Instructional Strategies Of The Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Relevance And Adaptation Into Modern Teaching Practice

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Hafiz Muhammad Nasarullah Mujahid , Muhammad Ahsan Raza , Mehvish Fatima , Auqsania Khalid , Qamar Azeem


The present study was aimed to review the instructional strategies used by the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in educating and nurturing his followers, family, and friends and their adaptation to contemporary classrooms. The research employs a qualitative approach, analysing Ahadith to extract insights into the instructional strategies of the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The findings discussed the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) use of teaching strategies such as Nano-learning, spaced repetition, Periodic Intervals, differentiated instructions, self-accountability, demonstrative teaching, learning through analogy, questioning, interest building, and nonverbal communication. By incorporating the instructional strategies of the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), teachers can create a conducive learning environment that fosters ethical, and spiritual development alongside academic growth, efficient learning and create transformative experiences for students. This study offers insight to practical applications for teachers seeking to optimize their teaching practices by drawing from the timeless wisdom of the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to create an inclusive and effective learning environment.

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