Hospital Services Evaluation In Case Of Emergency: A KPK Case In Point

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Faizan ali , Muhammad Arsalan khan Niazi , Hamid Khan


Purpose: The objective of this study is to investigate and evaluate the hospital services in case of emergency in urban private/government and rural private/government hospitals. Also, identify the weakness and problems in hospitals and provide a new framework for the improvement of such services in the hospitals especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). The services which are evaluated in different types of hospitals are ambulance workload, hospital sanitation and environment, administration policy, professional capability, doctor’s availability, responsiveness, technology, payment process, a system of patient appointment, pharmacy, and medical treatment, staff orientation, and resource utilization.

Methodology: In this paper, both the secondary and primary data have been collected. Secondary data are collected from previously published articles, different journals, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and research papers. While the primary data was collected through questionnaires from different hospitals of rural private/government and urban private/government hospitals. For the data analysis, the MCDM technique Fuzzy VIKOR approach has been used to rank the hospital services and alternatives.

Findings: The results show that the services of the urban private hospitals are more convincible than other types of hospitals. Added to this, the basic arguments behind the urban private hospitals providing the best services are professional capability, doctor’s availability, advanced technology equipment, staff orientation, resource utilization, and pharmacy and medical equipment. 

Practical implications: In this paper, issues, and problems are identified related to hospitals and provide a new framework that can help them to improve their services and will gain satisfaction from the patients.

Originality/Value: No research work is present in the past literature that used the fuzzy VIKOR approach on the hospital services evaluation in case of emergency, especially in KPK Pakistan.  

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