Rule Of Minerals And Conservation Of Nature: According To Hinduism, Judaism: Analytical Study

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Dr. Muhammad Anees Khan , Dr.Aftab Ahmad , Dr.Attaullah , Dr.Ilyas Ahmad , Dr.Rasheed Ahmed , Dr.Muhammad Ibrahim


From the start Minerals and Natural recourses play a Vitol role in development of the Country. But due to growth of population, law of demand and supply and law of nature is changed. Minerals and natural recourses are halting day by day. Is man-made law and religious law, both laws provide protection to Minerals and Natural recourses?. Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world. It has a large number of religious books and rules as well. With this Judaism is the first religion in sematic category. This religion has a lot of spikes in history but today to some extend they follow their rules and mostly historian says that Jewish are more conservative about religion. But the question is how much sematic and non-Semitic religions have rules about minerals and for conservation of nature. And which religions pay much attention to these rules. However, for this purpose we select first two religions Hinduism and Judaism.

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