The Effect Of Training & Development On Job Satisfaction: The Mediating Effect Of Coworker Support

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The purpose of this study was to examine the connection between T&D, PD, crisis management, and work satisfaction in the Lebanese banking industry. A total of 493 participants were surveyed, and the results were analyzed with the help of SPSS and AMOS. The results demonstrated that crisis management mediates the connection between T&D and PD and work satisfaction. Specifically, the beneficial effect of T&D and PD on work satisfaction is amplified when employees perceive a greater degree of competent crisis management methods. Furthermore, the survey found that T&D, PD, and work satisfaction among banking sector employees in Lebanon were all significantly affected by the economic crisis. The findings emphasize the value of investing in T&D and PD programs and encouraging good crisis management methods, especially during economic downturns, to boost work satisfaction and employee well-being. These results may help firms in the Lebanese banking industry make more informed strategic decisions that will have a beneficial impact on employee morale and productivity.

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