A Study Of Single Parenting Careness About Academics Of Their Children

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Dr. Muhammad Arshad , Ruqia Mirwani , Dr. Qaisar Abbas , Behzad Aslam , Neelam Mohammad Jan


The main attribute of the research was to identify the learning capacity of students with single parent and their careness about academic performance. A quantitative method approach was used and survey research design was followed. The population of the study was three colleges students located in district Kech. Random sampling procedure was adopted for selecting sample and the simple size of the study was 176. A validated and reliable survey questionnaire was framed and distributed to the students to respond. The collected data analyzed by using the SPSS software version 22. The study determines that parent provides most of their children’s school need (textbook, school bag and shoes) and they hardly get time to study at home because of their long hours of school work at home. The majority parents are educated, always check their school notebook and manage time to do their assignments at home. Thus the effect of single parenting on students’ academic performance in higher secondary level was satisfying. It was recommended that the future researchers can focus on other factors to see the single parents’ effect on students’ academic performance at elementary and higher secondary level.

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