Socialization Of Children Of Broken Families In Rawalakot Ajk, Pakistan

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Isbah Nisar , Nighat Younas , Saima Aftab


The definitive broken of a marriage, which revokes all legal obligations and liabilities and dissolves the bonds of matrimony between husband and wife, is called a separation. Everyone in the family often finds it difficult to deal with the situation when a family splits up, but kids are frequently the ones who suffer the most. There are many compelling reasons to be concerned about how the dissolution of the family will affect the kids in future. They experience insecurity, depression, and a sense of helplessness as they witness their family disintegrate. The current study intends to determine how parental separation affects children's ability to socialize. The several Rawalakot communities were the purposefully selected research location. Data was gathered from 50 women who are members of divorced households using a questionnaire. The reports' analysis of the data leads them to the conclusion that children from broken homes are particularly susceptible and require special attention for the growth of their minds, bodies, and spirits. They were need special care and support.

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