Implication Of Sustainable Development Goals For Quality Education In Institutions Of Higher Education In Pakistan

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Huma Salman , Aisha Rahat , Salma Niazi , Ajab Ali Lashari


The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) placed a strong emphasis on ensuring that everyone has access to education by reducing poverty. All nations, particularly emerging ones like Pakistan, had made important contributions to achieving these MDGs. After that, the (UN) unveiled its 2030 (SDGs) goals, the goal of the current study were to examine how education are currently carrying out their mandates to provide "excellent education to encourage in accordance with Pakistan's (HEC) rules. Crucial to guarantee supportable in order to give next generations access to high-quality education. Using a qualitative methodology, the heads of departments' perspectives were solicited for this study. Regarding the sustainability initiatives used. All of the department heads from all of the faculties of four general Universities of Karachi, Pakistan, made up the study's population. whereas the purposive sampling approach was used, and the sample was composed of the deans of the faculties of arts and social sciences. An open-ended, semi-structured interview technique including questions was devised for data gathering. To assess the viewpoints of all department heads and improve the standard of higher education, thematic analysis was used. According to the findings, most university administrators agreed to execute sustainable goals to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, the biggest barriers to achieving these objectives at their institutes were a lack of resources and competence.

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