An Investigation Of Styles Of Learning For Openness Traits Of Personality: A Correlational Study

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Hina Akbar (Principal) , Hafiza Gulnaz Fatima (Corresponding Author) , Bazgha Saleem Khan (Corresponding Author) , Seema , Dr. Sajid ur Rahman


The purpose behind this correlational study was to establish the relationship between students’ learning styles and openness personality traits. For this research, the population consisted of all the public university students from province of the Punjab. Multi-stage sampling technique was used to select 1,000 students from 10 universities of Punjab. ‘NEO-BFI’ developed by Costa & McCrae in 2010 (having 44-items for measuring personality traits) and LSI developed in 2005 by Kolb & Kolb (consisting of 10 factors for measuring learning styles) were used simultaneously to collect the required data. Both these instruments were standardized. Pearson correlation was applied for analyzing the data to find out the relationship between styles of learning and openness trait of personality. The study concluded that, there was a significant relationship between openness (personality trait) and styles of learning (assimilating and accommodating). Hence, openness personality trait has strong positive correlation with the assimilating and positive correlation with accommodating styles of learning.

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