Empowering Girls Through Education: A Case Study Of Girls Obstruction To Tertiary Education In District Nowshera

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Dr. Abdul Ghaffar , Dr. Zahid Ullah , Dr. Muhammad Abouzar , Dr. Sumera Imran , Dr. Nosheen Saba , Nida


This research paper tends to focuses girl’s obstacles in access to get higher education. Girl’s education portrays significant role in formulation of human resources as well the establishment of supportable and the development of sophisticated community. This research study inculcates to prospect and revolutionize girl’s learner’s aspirations and the various barriers with respect to higher education. The kind of research design proposed for this study was of qualitative nature so as to get deeper understandings as well strengthens the area of interest i.e. barriers in acquiring girls tertiary education. Data collection was carried out from students of two public girl’s high schools and two higher secondary schools in district Nowshera. Source of data collection was based on semi structured interviews and responses were further elaborated keeping the level of saturation of the interviews. Once saturation level was reached, thematic analysis was implemented to analyze the data. Finding of this research study extracted significant obstacles that hinders girls access to higher education i.e. Pakhtun cultural constraints, Commitment with Family and Cultural Obstacles, Gender Discrimination a Barrier in Girls Higher Education, Early Marriage an Obstacle in Girls higher education, Scarcity of Girls Higher Educational Institutions, Cultural obstacles and financial issues. Findings of this research study produced profitable recommendations i.e. “Each and every individual is exceptional and distinctive and based on equity and justice every girls has the ethical consideration of acquiring quality education in order to formulate a more sophisticated and balanced society.

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