Examining Women Empowerment Through Media And Knowledge Sharing Among Women Of Sindh, Pakistan

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Muhammad Yaseen Moroojo (Corresponding Author) , Dr. Muhammad Osama Shafiq , Ahmed Ali Hingoro , Sadia Baqar


In the present era, the media is a powerful tool to make people aware of their rights and a significant pillar of advocacy among the masses and women's empowerment. The present paper attempts to investigate the role of media (social, electronic and print) and knowledge sharing (KS) towards women empowerment (WEN) among the women of Sindh. The quantitative study utilizes the cross-sectional data collected from women of Sindh randomly. The data is collected through a survey questionnaire adapted from the domain literature. This study concludes based on 210 samples. The researchers applied SEM analysis to explore the hypotheses. The findings of the study suggest a significant positive effect of social media (SMD), electronic media (EMD), print media (PMD) and knowledge sharing (KS) on women empowerment (WEN) among women of Sindh who use media. The study findings support policymakers in developing policies regarding access to more media to empower women, as media plays a pivotal role in making women aware of their issues and decisions. Besides, the study also would help in knowing the KS perceptions of women, which could be shared and enhance the women's creativity, vision and attitudes to play their constructive role in society and become economically, socially and psychologically empowered in developing communities. Finally, the study's outcomes would enrich the depth of the concerned literature. 

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