Effectiveness Of Reward As A Modifier On Students Behavior At Primary Level

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Dr. Sadaf Zamir Ahmed , Dr. Sohaib Sultan , Zoha Khan , Fameeda


The effects of reward system on student of Chak Shahzad performance and there learning behavior at primary level were explored in this study. The incentive Theory was used in this investigation. This theory is critical to comprehend a student's performance and learning behavior. In this study descriptive research method was selected. The influence of the reward system on students' performance was investigated using questionnaires. A total of 200 students were chosen as a sample from Windsor International school Chak shahzad, Islamabad. This study's findings showed that a student's reward system significantly affects their performance at the elementary level.Moreover, this study provided a substantial contribution to understanding the links between reward systems and primary school students’ performance and learning processes at primary level. It is recommended that a university- level study be done to determine the elements influencing students' psychological well-being measure in order to improve their academic success.

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