The Moderating Role Of Perceived Teachers Support In The Impact Of School Environment Quality And Emotional Exhaustion On Fresh Secondary School Students' Academic Engagement

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Syed Waqas Shabbir , Dr. Nazia Malik , Dr. Muhammad Akram Shah , Kaynat Fatima Saeed , Mehwish Fatime , Rozina Naz (Correspondence Author) , Muhammad Azam


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the moderating influence that perceived teacher support has in the relationship between fresh secondary school students' academic engagement and the impact that school environment quality and emotional weariness have on that engagement. The research design that was adopted was correlational. The data gathering method of choice was the survey that was carried out. Convenience sampling was used to determine the study sample, which consisted of 513 freshmen and sophomores enrolled in secondary schools. The results of the research indicate that the level of academic engagement displayed by pupils is strongly positively connected with the quality of the school environment. Additionally, there is a negative association between emotional weariness and academic involvement. This may be shown by looking at the correlation between the two. Furthermore, the association between the quality of the school environment and academic engagement is controlled by students' perceptions of the support they receive from their teachers. The findings indicate that students entering their first year of secondary education do not have their perceptions of their teachers' support acting as a moderating factor in the association between emotional weariness and academic engagement.

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