Student’s Attitude Toward Science In Madrassa Schools At Secondary Level In Karachi Region

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Adeel Zaman , Dr Iqbal Shah , Ajab Ali Lashari


In the field of education & psychology the attitude of the students toward science had been explored in different research contexts and at different levels of the students. Researchers not only try to find the attitude of the students but also those factors which influence the student’s attitude toward specific subject. Attitude of the students can be altered by their environment, experiences, learning methods. But there is a gap for those students who are associated with Madaaris in Pakistan, who have been taught science subjects in Madrassah schools. This study focused to find the attitude of madrassa school students towards science in Karachi region and vertical change in attitude at levels of grade 8, 9, 10. This study was descriptive and cross-sectional in nature, the data was collected using survey method through the questionnaire from the sample. The data was analyzed with descriptive analysis method to find the mean and SD also used ANOVA to find the vertical change in students by using SPSS-22. The major finding of this study was that the Madrassah School students possess the positive attitude toward science. This study, to some extent, discussed the government intentions for reforming the madrassah curriculum by including science subjects at secondary level.  The study explored the initiatives taken by the Madaaris to promote scientific literacy and building the positive attitude of the students toward science. Some suggestions have been given for the promotion of scientific literacy through Madrassa schools in Pakistan. This study will help the concern authorities to bridge the gap between traditional educational institutions and Madaaris in Pakistan.

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