A Stylistic Analysis Of Robert Frost’s Poem Nothing Gold Can Stay

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Muhammad Hassan Shaikh , Rubina Arain , Sadia Naz , Ajab Ali Lashari


This study aims to investigate stylistic analysis of a distinguished American poet, Robert Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. Robert Frost’s literary heritage is valued greatly in the world of global literature and without proper mention of this outstanding poet, American Literature, especially poetry may lose its worth. Theoretical framework of the paper is built on Paul Simpson's book Stylistics: A Resource Book for Students (2004). The analysis presents the phonological, graphological, lexico-syntactic patterns of stylistic orientation. It is observed that the objective analysis of the poem is helpful in clear understanding of various themes and basic concepts of the poem such as nature and its impermanence. Change is vital for all living things and it also brings about decay and decline. The Garden of Eden as a metaphor discusses stages of life and death. The poem is simple and brief piece of literary composition but its themes are universal in nature. In addition, it also portrays the basic difference of ordinary language and figurative language. Findings suggest that Robert Frost has skillfully conveyed his poetic message with the application of stylistic devices. This study can be an extension to the already research work carried out on the poet.

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