Exploring The Relationship Of Motivational Beliefs With Students’ Mathematical Performance At Primary Level

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Dr. Tahira Batool, Dr, Fakhra Aziz, Dr Afifa Khannam


Literature has indicated that motivational beliefs are very important in academic performance of students at different levels. The study was designed to search the Relationship of Motivational Belief with Students’ Mathematical Performance at Primary Level. The study has used quantitative research approach and descriptive research design was used. Students of grade five were the population of current study. Total 300 students from primary schools were the part of the sample of this study. From which 150 students were male and 150 students were female. A questionnaire and a mathematical performance test was used to collect data. The questionnaire was used to collect data about motivational beliefs that was contained information of  five graders personal demographics, and statements related to self-efficacy, intrinsic value, and test anxiety. Pearson Correlation, Independent sample t-test were applied to find out the relationships and differences and the results are showing noteworthy relationship and noteworthy gender difference in primary school students’ motivational beliefs and mathematical performance.

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