The Role Of Self Employed Parents In Determining Performance Of The Women Entrepreneurs Of Pakistan

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Dr. Arooj Zeb , Dr. Samina Begum , Ms. Awoesha Rahat , Mr.Jehanzeb Khan , Dr.Kashif Amin , Dr.Wahid Raza , Dr.Kauser Hayat


This study examines the role of self-employed parents on the entrepreneurial performance of women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. The study population consists of registered women entrepreneurs in Pakistan, with a sample size of 253 participants. Data was collected through a self-administered questionnaire that assessed demographic information, the presence of self-employed parents and measures of entrepreneurial performance. The findings reveal that a significant association exists between self-employed parents and the performance of women entrepreneurs. However, there was no significant difference in performance between entrepreneurs with self-employed parents and the ones without them. These results contradict previous studies suggesting that parental entrepreneurship positively impacts business performance. Based on the findings, it is recommended to raise awareness among family members about the importance of supporting women's entrepreneurship and encouraging them to become job creators. Despite the lack of direct influence on performance, family support remains crucial for women entrepreneurs. Future research should consider expanding the sample size by involving various women chambers, trade bodies, and councils in Pakistan to achieve more representative results. Additionally, further studies could rigorously test the proposed model and develop it into a comprehensive theory for understanding the role of self-employed parents in women's entrepreneurship.

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