Opportunities And Challenges Of The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (Cpec): A Game Changer In South Asain Countries And Impact Of Cpec On Pakistani Economy

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Naeem Shahzad (Corresponding Author) , Hafiza Rukhsana Khuram , Dr. Hamid Khan , Muhammad Jamshaid Bajwa , Shahbaz Nawaz


China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a crucial part of China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and this study intends to examine its main features, difficulties, and prospects for both China and Pakistan.  Institutional underpinnings for combating pervasive unrest and advancing Pakistan's long-term interests.  Some geopolitical issues, especially those pertaining to India's relations, are examined, along with the difficulties provided by analysing and assessing the world's geography, terrorist groups, political instability, and debt management. Both China and Pakistan see the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as a crucial piece of their respective infrastructure development plans. The Economic Corridor is a mutually beneficial project that serves the goals of both countries and the project will help China gain easy access to world markets and explore new markets. These projects are very important for Pakistan as they help in achieving the goal of countering Indian influence while studying energy crisis, infrastructure development, poverty alleviation and law and order in the provinces, while studying in the region. The project is an important economic corridor in linking the region to South Asia and Southeast Asia. China is formally establishing its relations with the South Asian states and its relations with Pakistan are very cordial and friendly. The construction of large-scale projects and large-scale economic investment demonstrates China's intentions for a long-term presence in the region. The issue of Pak is important in terms of Pakistan's internal affairs and international relations. CPEC is an important part of China's One Built, One Road project. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a huge trade project, a package of roads, industry, Gwadar port and energy projects, with 62 billion dollars being invested by China. The project was launched after the Chinese President's visit to Pakistan in 2015 and the project has so far reaped significant economic, external and strategic benefits for Pakistan, but with that CPEC faces a number of challenges. This study will be helpful for diplomats and policy makers, researcher and writer of regional studies, conflict and peace studies, strategic and diplomatic studies.

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