Relationship Between Work-Family Balance Practices And Organizational Commitment Among Teachers At Universities Of Lahore, Pakistan

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Saba Javed


Thousands of administrators around the world use different strategies and policies to maintain teachers’ well-being. Yet there is little research relating to work-family balancing practices and their impact on organizational commitment. This study shows that it is important for the administration to provide well-being practices to their teachers, as a result, they can maintain a balance between their work and home lives. Consequently, stress is reduced and teachers feel more committed to their work. The purpose of this survey study was to develop the rationale by identifying the relationship between working-family balancing practices among teachers in the universities of Lahore and their organizational commitment. We used a self-developed questionnaire to elicit responses from lecturers at Lahore's universities, and the data was 0.89% reliable. The article reflects on the potential of these practices for future research into the well-being of teachers and their dedication to their duties and suggests areas for further research including reasons for the unavailability of the benefits to some of the teachers in institutions.

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